Pamela Monreale

PamelaI was born in Palermo,Italy in 1986.
I started my dance education in private schools and with the Piccoli Danzatori del Teatro Massimo di Palermo,where
I danced in Ballet repertoire,Operas and Operettas.
After passing the audition for the University Codarts,I decided to move to Rotterdam and start a contemporary professional dance education in September 2005.

This were very interesting years of my life where I had the chance to study with many teachers,perform in several repertory works,and change my vision of dance.
Biggest inspirations were for me Laura Bernasconi, Regina Van Berkel, Georg Reischl ,Jack Gallagher.
After receiving the Bachelor,I started working for Cathy Sharp Dance Ensemble in Basel,Switzerland till 2010.
From that point,I began freelancing with dance companies in Switzerland, such as T42 Dance Project, Dysoundboo, Cathy Sharp Dance Ensemble, Konzert Theater Bern, combining it with teaching Ballet classes for professional dancers, private schools, and for the University in Basel and Bern.

Concept of Ballet Class

I have been always interested in Ballet technique as a very interesting way to combine very hard
technical skills with moving into space.
Especially after my education in Codarts, where I had the chance to study and collect knowledge from many different teachers, I became really aware of the fact that after you have studied and owned the basic ballet technique principles in your body, the only way to really improve them as a contemporary dancer, is to think in terms of body posture as

very important base, space awareness, directions,dynamics, rather than just working on the strength or flexibility of separated body parts.
Ballet is moving into space, but because of the hard technical skills it requires, it needs a very strong posture knowledge and a full physical and mental awareness, where each students needs to accept his own physical capacities and limits.

I firmly believe that a student should develop the capacity to practice, but also to question what each teacher is saying, to be able eventually to create his own approach to the technique.
My aim is to push my class in a direction where each student can work step by step on the basics first, and to slowly move into different levels where you can make choices, and challenge the technical difficulties,to get to a point of freedom in the technique itself.

Description of main principles of the ballet class

Respecting the own possibility to turn out.
Gathering constantly the energy between arms and hands.

Working the legs and the arms from underneath,to create space and stability in the hips and back.

Moving the body compact in space in specific directions.
Shifting of the weight from the hips,paying attention to not tuck under.
Releasing of the neck and lower back to find how to work in a natural alignment. Observe the others to see what works and what doesn’t in order to correct yourself.

Visualise what you want to achieve with your movement,and approach it with self confidence,awareness and joy.


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